About Us
Zucker Grain Farm, OH


We produce quality corn and soybeans on our farm network that is made up of farms that we own and Landowner partners.
We offer Landowner partners the opportunity to have crops grown on their farms with a focus on practices and techniques that not only protect the environment, but also improves the soil quality.

Please go to “Our Focus” page to learn more about our production philosophy.


Ron Zucker, President, Manager; One year at Ohio State University, in Business
Mike Zucker, Assistant Manager; Two associate degrees from Ohio
State University, in Business and Agronomy
Dian Zucker, Administrator; Middle Management Business experience
Leslie Zucker, Associate Advisor; Masters from Ohio State University
in Environmental Sciences
Steve Brause, Employee; Farm and extensive trucking experience.


Zucker Grain Farm is a 5th and 6th generation family owned farm. We have tested , refined and adopted practices and techniques that improve the soil and protect the environment. These techniques have the added benefit of improving the quality and quantity of our crops.

Zucker Grain Farm is 100% owned by the Zucker family. Over the years we have evolved from general farming, with some livestock, into a Grain Farm that primarily grows corn and soybeans.

The Zucker family began farming in Ohio after Johann Zucker emigrated from Sulz, Germany to Crawford Township in 1846. Ron now runs the farm business with his son Mike and wife Dian and employee Steve. Ron and Dian have a daughter Leslie, who lives with husband Mark in New York and working for Cornell University. Mike has a daughter Morgan, who enjoys spending time on the farm with her family.