More  Fungicide application on soybeans.

Starting Equipment maintenance  for Fall Harvest season.










The Corn is showing Heat and Dryness stress this weekend again even after the rain.

The extreme heat wave with little rain , has dried the soil that it will take more than 1 good rain to eliminate the stress.


The Soybeans are growing pretty well with the heat and some rain.



This growing season has been another wild year: 


Snow and frozen ground in first few days of May

Early-Mid May the soil was dry enough for tillage at the surface but wet below and very cold

Then Floods and many Rains in mid-late May

Warmer and Dry enough to plant Corn and Soybeans Late May – Early June

Few good Rains and Warm Mid June 

Late June – Mid July :    EXTREME Heat every day and mostly Dry with very little Rain.


The Extreme heat every day is drying the soil and especially the plants very fast.

The corn plants just can not tolerate Clear Sky , Brilliantly Hot Sun and Mid to upper 90’s every day, weeks on end, with little Rain !!

Hopefully we have some more Rain this week !!