Equipment repairs and maintenance for fall harvest

Mowing waterways and field edges


Field work:


All  second applications of fungicides on the soybeans were completed in August.

Harvest is close, working on new driveways for field access and fence row clean up



All attention has now changed to looming challenges for 2023

Mostly the same concerns as 2022

A short list:

  • Fertilizer : Lack of supply, Shortages,  especially concerning is nitrogen for the corn crop. 
  • Extremely high cost !
  • Chemicals:  Shortage of some products and higher costs
  • Equipment repairs:  Shortage of workers and delayed parts to repair equipment
  • Fuel:  High costs;   propane to dry corn, diesel fuel









Frequent rains in last half of July and first half of Aug were great for the corn

The corn plants are starting to dry for harvest.

Starch fill and black layer in the kernels is progressing down closer to the tips






The soybeans have gone from mild stress from spring wet soil and later planting  

— then extreme heat and mini drought  in June

— to Floods

— to  drying normal conditions

 —  Excessive rains and wet soil in early Aug.

— Even after all the above,  the  Soybeans are now maturing for harvest and looking like a good crop !!