• March + April

We were able to work in the field for a week in late March.

Early Spring weather has allowed field prep,

All prep-plant fertilizer for the corn and soybean crop is applied.

All Strip-tilling with application of fertilizer for corn is completed.

Have 75% of the Soybeans planted.

  • May –

Early May , Too Cold and Wet to do any Planting or Field work.

Mid – month , summer returned with Heat and Dry weather.

Mid-month ,  planted all of the Corn.

Replanted 2 farms of the early planted Soybeans.

Now more Rain and return to winter weather.

 Late-month , Planted last 25% of the Soybeans on farms that had frequent rains

  • June

Early,Mid-month , All Soybeans  up and growing,

Late-June , Beans are up and growing on replanted farm that had Hail Damage

All Corn side-dressed with Nitrogen


  • July

Early-July , First round of post emergence Spraying  Soybeans applying Herbicide and Fungicide

Late- July , Start Second round of post Spraying Soybeans applying foliar Fertilizer and Fungicide
















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  • Soybeans:  Excessive Rain Seneca and northern Crawford county reduced growth and damaged areas of some fields. More normal weather now and the beans are returning to a more normal green color and starting to grow.

  • Corn:  Pollination is basically over and ears are starting to fill.  Corn growth was not slowed by excessive rain and no flood damage.




The Big news for Corn and Soybeans are the market prices.

World grain production problems in Brazil,  and now concerns for the crop here in the US,  and very high exports of grain has driven market demand.