Field work:

Started some strip- tillage

Spraying weeds for pre-plant weed control




All attention is on the looming challenges for 2022

2022 is already a challenging year and we haven’t even planted a seed.

A short list:

  • Fertilizer : Lack of supply, Shortages, for Phosphates and Potash but especially concerning is nitrogen for the corn crop.  Extremely high cost,  3x and 4x cost of last year
  • Chemicals:  Shortage of some products and higher costs
  • Equipment repairs:  Shortage or delayed parts to repair equipment
  • Fuel:  Higher costs;  propane to dry corn, diesel fuel, DEF supply?









2.4″ to 3″ rain last week, currently to wet to plant.

This coming week the Soil will dry fast with sunny days and 80 degrees

Started Pre-plant Spraying for weeds in soybean and corn fields

Started strip-tillage for preparation to plant corn