HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!



As we close 2021 on the farm all attention is on the looming challenges for 2022

2022 is already a challenging year and we haven’t even turned the calendar from 2021 or planted a seed.

A short list:

  • Fertilizer : Lack of supply, Shortages, especially concerning is nitrogen for the corn crop

Extremely high cost,  2x and 3x cost of last year

  • Chemicals:  Shortage of some products and higher costs
  • Equipment repairs:  Shortage or delayed parts to repair equipment
  • Fuel:  Higher costs;  propane to dry corn, diesel fuel, DEF supply?











  • Soybeans:  Soybean harvest is complete.  Yields were about average.  With excellent yields offset by water damaged areas to create an over all average yield.

  • Corn:  We are done harvesting corn. Much better than average yields. Only limited damage by the excessive rain. The corn mostly benefited from the extra water.