• March + April

We were able to work in the field for a week in late March.

Early Spring weather has allowed field prep,

All prep-plant fertilizer for the corn and soybean crop is applied.

All Strip-tilling with application of fertilizer for corn is completed.

Have 75% of the Soybeans planted.

  • May –

Early May , Too Cold and Wet to do any Planting or Field work.

Mid – month , summer returned with Heat and Dry weather.

We planted all of the Corn and most has emerged.

Replanted 2 farms of the early planted Soybeans.

Now more Rain and return to winter weather.

Last 25% of the Soybeans to plant as those farms have had frequent rains
















2021 crop production year has started very early !

Being able to work in the field in March is very unusual in Northern Ohio.

A drastic departure from spring weather the last 5 -10 years

The Soybeans that we planted were in near perfect soil moisture conditions,

Except the soil is cold and needs more Sunny days.



  • Soybeans:  Struggling and slow to emerge after Heavy Rains in early May and the Cold soil turned dry and hard in the extreme heat in mid May

  • Corn:  Planted in warm moist soil and is emerging fast and even.




The Big news for Corn and Soybeans are the rising market prices.

World grain production problems in Brazil,  and now concerns for the corn crop here in the US,  and very high exports of grain are driving market demand.