Completed harvesting  Soybeans

 Almost done harvesting Corn


Delivering grain to market for space in the grain bins and grain dryer.












Actual Harvested Soybeans yields are very good this year. Well above average.


 To this date the  Corn yields are generally normal to slightly below normal.



This growing season has been another wild year: 

April- Early May: Snow and frozen ground in first few days of May

Early-Mid May:  the soil was dry enough for tillage at the surface but wet below and very cold

Mid-late May:  Floods and many Rains

Late May – Early June:  Warmer and Dry enough to plant Corn and Soybeans 

Mid- June:  Few good Rains and Warm

Late June – Mid July: EXTREME HEAT, mid to upper 90’s, every day and mostly Dry with very little Rain.

Late July – Early Aug:    Good rains 3 weekends in a row. Sunny, Seasonally warm,  mid-upper 80’s

Mid Aug – Late Aug:   Back to normal heat but dry with very little rain

End – Aug:      Aug 28 , Just-in-time Rain  1″ to 1.5″ rain all farms and cooler temps

Early  – Sep:   Sunny , Cool to Normal Temps

Mid -Late  Sep:   Sunny, Cool with 2.5″ to 3″ Rains all farms