Field work:

All corn is planted

Soybeans are all planted

First application for weed control in Soybeans is done.

 All  corn is sprayed for weed control.

All side-dressing nitrogen on the corn is done.

Completed last application of weed control on soybeans and first application of Fungicides.

Starting second application of fungicides on the soybeans.






All attention is on the looming challenges for 2022

A short list:

  • Fertilizer : Lack of supply, Shortages, for Phosphates and Potash but especially concerning is nitrogen for the corn crop.  Extremely high cost,  3x and 4x cost of last year
  • Chemicals:  Shortage of some products and higher costs
  • Equipment repairs:  Shortage or delayed parts to repair equipment
  • Fuel:  Higher costs;  propane to dry corn, diesel fuel, DEF supply?









Corn was showing stress from a Mini Drought last weeks of June first few days of July

Heavy Rain in early July has replenished the top soil moisture

Corn is finishing pollination in good weather conditions, sunny, rains and good temps.

Frequent moderate rains in last half of July were great for the corn




Good stand of soybeans , even in replanted fields from earlier flooding rains.

All soybeans were growing slow in Mini Drought in June but are growing fast now.

Replanted fields have slow growing beans in low areas from frequent rains in mid July