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Environmental Focus and Quality Crops

Welcome Landowner Partners

Welcome Landowner Partners

Current Landowner Partners


We value and appreciate and thank you for partnering with us through the years. We refer to you as partners because you are, in reality, a partner with us in growing food for the world, while giving you and us, an excellent return on investment.

We will post and update information about the crops, weather and general agricultural topics throughout the year. Please use the Links on the Home page for current market and farm news. We hope you enjoy visiting our site.

Prospective Landowner Partners


The most value that we offer you cannot be illustrated on a website. It is that we relate to our landowner partners with trust and respect. And we appreciate the trust and respect that we receive in return.
It’s a great way to do business.

You have pride in your farm. You can be comforted by the knowledge that if you partner with us, we will care for the environment while growing quality crops on your land. Beautiful growing crops will enhance the value of your farm and environmentally sound management will enhance the community and the earth.
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